Frequently asked questions

Yes. Please contact us and we can provide a face to face demo or alternatively send you a demo video.

Yes, all new members are eligible for a free one month trial. You will need to enter payment details and will be sent a reminder prior to first payment.

The minimum monthly cost is 50 users at $49.50 per month.

No. There are no lock in contracts its per month only. You can cancel at any time within your month and you will not be charged the following month. Your account will be discontinued within 1 week of cancelling your account.

We will send you instructions within 24 hours of signing up to SHOUTOUT. You will need to configure single sign on and provide these details back to us. We will then deploy your app within 12 hours.

We will send you two documents. A “Technical implementation instructions guide” and a “Rollout recommendations instruction guide” to help you smoothly implement SHOUTOUT.

SHOUTOUT is single sign on so users will have access automatically once the app is deployed. Users will have access to it through your personalised subdomain The link to your SHOUTOUT application can also be shared via your Office365 or GSuite application bar but may require additional configuration.

We encrypt all data SHOUTOUT sends back to our servers using HSTS to ensure all traffic is over HTTPS. We use your existing authentication and identity sources so there are no additional identities to secure. All information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is encrypted at rest. Our production infrastructure is segregated by tenant with limited and audited access. All secrets are stored in a password safe and encrypted.

Your data is stored in the cloud in a separate tenant, so no other users can access your data. We store user id (typically email address) and name from your identity sources, and any details used to filter your SHOUTOUTS such as office location or department. Your data will never be shared with any third party.

SHOUTOUT will request permission to access users contacts (read only) on their behalf. This is to allow them to search for people to give a SHOUTOUT to. This consent can be granted by administrators at a global level.

We use a secure platform Chargebee for payments. This provides the option to pay via credit card or bank account.

There are no additional fees for credit cards. There are additional fees for international currency conversions, and these are charged at cost.

Yes. You will receive an invoice receipt when your monthly debits are charged. This will go to the email address that you have registered the payment with.

SHOUTOUT currently integrates with AAD (Azure Active Directory | Office 365) and GSuite. If you do not have either of these and require another SSO please contact us.

SHOUTOUT integrates with Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, and can also be embedded on your intranet. Contact us if you have any other integrations you would like to explore.

Yes, we do. The SLA’s are in our terms and conditions. We proactively monitor your application for any issues that occur.

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